Photo by Leah Chernick

Photo by Leah Chernick

I've been living in Paris since September 2015, after migrating here from Vancouver to be with my French boyfriend who I had met while visiting Tokyo. I'm from Brisbane, Australia, by the way, and in having a Filipino mother, living in a multicultural household has always been a slightly wacky yet oddly homely norm for me.

Moving to France was an opportunity for me to reevaluate what I should do (vocationally) and so while I no longer feel myself to be an active member of the marketing industry, I can say that I give what I hope to be refreshingly modern English language lessons to Paris’s various residents, and that I cook, a lot, and that I am learning more about the culinary arts every day.

I am also working on my first book, and if I were to share a few keywords about its topic, they would be ‘restaurant’, ‘invention’, ‘food’ and ‘revolution’.

I live at Place d’Italie with #violettelachatte, a dozen apartment plants (though I’m always yearning for more), my Gallic boyfriend (a tall, patient scientific type, i.e. the opposite of myself) and a growing collection of books.

My happy place is the countryside: sun ablaze, air vivid, food and wine in tow.

This interview with Our Paris Stories shares more about me and how I ended up in Paris.


Here I share recipes, though none that abide by any particular theme or diet.

I cook with sugar, flour and butter because - health and palate wise - there is no need for me not to.

As someone who has only been cooking ‘seriously’ (for it’s not even that serious) for a couple of years, lots of my kitchen experiments revolve around simply giving classic dishes a good go, and sometimes finding my own way of making them. The word ‘classic’ is encompassing of all countries, by the way, but I do lean toward French and south-east Asian cuisine, though I’d like to cook more Australian dishes, too (I feel like meat pies and lamingtons should be part of my repertoire).

Aside from recipes, I share cooking tips that I hope can make your cooking experience less overwhelming and more manageable. I also share snippets of my life and thoughts, mainly through the blog's Paris Journal series.

I hope that this blog inspires you to spend more time in your kitchen, cooking for those you love, because I can’t think of many other actions that are so basic yet so substantial, so pragmatic yet so unifying, so creative in input yet nourishing in output, as a home cooked meal.